Ryann Soutar,  New Mind Center

Ryann Soutar, LPC

Ryann Soutar, LPC / Neurofeedback and Counseling

Ryann Soutar has been on staff at New Mind Center since 2008, and currently provides Neurofeedback training, as well as Individual Counseling from a holistic perspective that draws on CBT, art and behavioral therapies.

A BS in Biopsychology provides her with an understanding of, and appreciation for, the body-mind connection and the interrelatedness of mental and physical health. Her previous experience counseling at a domestic violence center, while obtaining her MA in Community Counseling, provides a familiarity with cognitive behavioral and mindfulness techniques, and an understanding of PTSD, and complex emotional trauma. As a mother, she has particular sympathy for parents, and their struggle to provide the best tools for their children to find happiness and success.

She works with clients to identify areas of lifestyle change than can enhance and magnify the changes they see from neurofeedback.