There is no part of you that isn’t influenced and regulated by your brain. Unhealthy patterns of brainwave activity can affect not only how well our brains perform but how we feel, how we respond to stress, how our bodies respond to illness and how quickly we’re able to “bounce back” from upsetting events. The “decade of the brain” has clearly demonstrated that by exercising our brains so our brainwave activity is shaped into a healthier pattern, people find their symptoms decrease, their mood improves, and their ability to concentrate and sustain their focus as well as their attention improves. In short, when our brains function better, we function better.
We can only respond to this question by stating “We don’t know where you’ve been.” This technology has showcased in such popular media as The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Phil, & 20/20. It has been written about in Time Magazine and called “the most effective solution for ADHD” by the journal Opinions in Pediatrics. Most recently the journal “Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America” has devoted its entire issue to the use of neurofeedback in psychiatric disorders affecting children and adolescents.
Neurofeedback has proven successful with a great variety of disorders. It has been used very successfully with Depression, Anxiety, AD/HD, Fibromyalgia, OCD, Migraines, Seizure Disorder and has been very helpful with Bipolar Disorder, Stroke, and TBI. We have used it for peak performance with PGA golfers, professional athletes, business executives and others who simply want to improve their lives and perform better.
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