Clinical Resources Offered
At New Mind we also provide certified training for professionals interested in learning neurofeedback also called brain EEG biofeedback. Workshops are available both in Atlanta and live over the internet for those who cannot afford the time and expense to travel. In addition we have a neurofeedback webcourse for those who want to earn their BCIA (or APA CEs) didactic hours through internet training at home. Brainmapping (qEEG) services are available as well as processing and report writing for those professionals seeking a fast, experienced, and reliable source for their qEEG needs. In addition we provide ongoing training for those interested in learning qEEG.



Online and In-Person Learning
New Mind Academy offers a comprehensive line of workshops for professionals interested in learning how to incorporate neurofeedback into their practice.
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Dr. Soutar's book is highly recommended for students and healthcare professionals who want to integrate neurofeedback and quantitative EEG (QEEG) into their treatment options for patients and clients. Doing Neurofeedback: An Introduction.


Health care professionals interested in learning neurofeedback from the most highly trained teachers and neurofeedback specialists, will find a wealth of information at New Mind Academy.


Here is a comprehensive integrative system for analyzing EEG brainmaps, assessing clients, developing protocols, tracking training sessions, and following client progress for the purposes of neurofeedback.