qEEG Brain Map Services
As part of our neurofeedback program qEEG Brain Maps are performed on all clients in order to assess them for neurofeedback protocols. This procedure involves placing a swimming cap type headset that has 19 electrodes embedded in the cap on the individuals head. Electrical activity is recorded from across the scalp and the data is used to generate topographic maps of electrical activity distribution across the brain. These maps are then correlated with a normative database to determine if individuals have any unusual electrical activity and locate its source in the brain. This information can then be used to determine optimal neurofeedback protocols. It can also be used to assess changes from neurofeedback training and evaluate progress. In addition the maps can be correlated with other maps to determine whether an individual is likely to have cognitive or emotional problems.


Presently New Mind has its own database system that has been serving hundreds of clinics worldwide for over a decade and is considered one of the top database systems in the field of neurofeedback. In addition we have access to and employ other top database systems for further analysis when necessary. Third parties interested in outsourcing their qEEG services can select the system that best suits their needs when they have their clients mapped at New Mind Center.