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Welcome to New Mind Neurofeedback Centers.

We are dedicated to providing the very best possible neurofeedback services at the lowest possible cost. We are BCIA Board certified trainers and practitioners in the field of neurofeedback and provide a wide variety of related services world wide. We want this technology to be within the reach of everyone in the public domain so that they can experience the incredible healing power of this new modality of training. At New Mind you will encounter the latest techniques and technology in the field combined in a manner that only leading pioneers in the field of neurofeedback are capable of doing. Everything we do is based on the latest research and developments.

This amazing new technology has proven itself effective over the past decade in our clinics with Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Fibromyalgia, Migraines and a host of other disorders. If you have been suffering for years with these problems and are dependent on drugs for relief, then you owe it to yourself to investigate this incredible new technology.
At New Mind we also provide certified training for professionals interested in learning neurofeedback. Workshops are available both in Atlanta and live over the internet for those who cannot afford the time and expense to travel. In addition we have a neurofeedback webcourse for those who want to earn their BCIA (or APA CEs) didactic hours through internet training at home.

Brainmapping (qEEG) services are available as well as processing and report writing for those professionals seeking a fast, experienced, and reliable source for their qEEG needs. In addition we provide ongoing training for those interested in learning qEEG.

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